Between WordPress and Joomla: What clients need to know

WordPress is one of the most popular media and text base content management system (CMS). Today WordPress is powering the growth of the websites on the internet, nearly 60 million websites are running on WordPress because is free and open sources software. WordPress is perfect for small business website, blogs, individual pages and does not require strong technical skills. There are tons of themes, plugins, addons and much more juicy things you can add to extend its capabilities.

Joomla come distant second behind WordPress though, it does not require high level f technical experience like Drupal which is engineered towards people some level of developed technical skills. Joomla like WordPress is open sources, free with a lot of themes, plugins and addon as well.

WordPress vs Joomla under these Five variables

1)Ease of use: WordPress is famous for its 5-minutes installation, and the website will be immediately available for modification even for the newbie with faintest of heart, the interface is well laid out and functions are easy to find but Joomla on the hand can be quite a handful during installation and without an acceptable level of technical skills user can be lost completely. The Dashboard could send a ripple through a newbie vein as it’s not well constructed like its WordPress counter-part.
WordPress score higher here than Joomla

2)Security: Though every default installation of any software is not secure and modification needs to be made to solidify them. WordPress seems to be exposed to more cyber-hacking than the Joomla counterpart but that depends on who is handling the website involved. The internet has more ways to exploit WordPress than Joomla. WordPress needs more enhancement to be more secured than Joomla. I will score Joomla here than WordPress.

3)Support: WordPress has a very powerful community of developers where you can quickly find answers to questions and solutions to problems. WordPress support is massive on the community some paid or free support. But to find such level of support for Joomla is rare. WordPress will take this one again over Joomla.
4)Themes, Plugins and Addons: Both have massive amount of themes developer available everywhere both free and paid. It all depends on what the clients want. I will give it to both of them here.

The choice of Content Management Systems especially between WordPress and Joomla depends on how the website will function and many more factors which will depend solely on the developer or clients.