The best ways to secure an android smart devices or phone.

The most secure smartphones are Android smartphones simply because it was rightly built on-top most secure operating system in the world Linux. The latest release from Apple iOS 11 was cracked and hacked on daily basis so it’s best to say it’s not secure at all and Apple is working on improved version.

But Android phones are not perfect and secure straight out of the box, as you might have heard cyber-threat has become sophisticated and just about anything can be stolen. New version of Android is release everyday because the mobile operating systems is under constant attack from hackers. Security of your digital devices is now something to take seriously. Under these steps you can rightly secure your android smart devices to a comfortable level.

1) Buy an android smart device from known vendors that release updates.
If your android smart devices is not being updated in years of use, you are most likely carrying an outdated Android operating system and susceptible to hackers, malware, ransomware and all could do considerable level of damage to your phone, data and more.

2) Lock Your Phone.
I know it’s so simple. But people still don’t do it. If you get into trouble of the pickpockets snatching your phone and running wild on your credit card, bank account and more, you will likely appreciate the simple act but yet secure way to lock your phone. A note of warning, setup a proper password locked phone, don’t use pattern lock or simple swipe lock phone they are simple to sidestep by hackers.

3) Use two factor authentications.
This will sound too tiring for folks that do not have important data on their phone but it’s practice that will give hackers, pickpocket and identity thiefs a hell of time opening up your phone. Go through Google and see how two factor authentication works.

4) Only use trusted apps from Google Playstore.
You have access to humongous number of apps in playstore but download to your phone only the trusted ones. An app could be a hackers tool to steal data or a ransomware in disquise.Read reviews of users who are currently using the app you want to download and use Google play protect to scan your android smart devices for malware right after every installation.

5) Encrypt your android smart devices or phone.
The next person that wants to snoop in your phone will be SARS official, Police or customs officers. You can use encryption to put a road block in their way. Also before you buy any android based smart devices check if they have encryption, to encrypt your phone go to settings>security>encrypt device and follow prompts. Another way for my Nigerian folks to avoid police harassment, is to bring your phone language settings into a touch, if they ask you for your phone change the language to Chinese or Hebrew or something unreadable just to make them believe is an unlocked phone.

6) Use anti-virus apps.
Use anti-virus apps on your android smart devices to daily detect malware. There are a lot free anti-virus app in the Google play but the trusted ones are few like Avast & Comodo mobile security and Antivirus are the probably the best at detecting malware.

7) Turn off connection if you don’t need them
If you have finished using Bluetooth, wifi, hotspot, and data connection turn then off, it will interest you to know through this connections you are open to man in the middle attack or a full-blown cyber attack.

8) There is no need of redundancy if an app is not useful uninstall it from your devices. Also download regular updates for every app on your phone. App developer release security patches daily to make sure their app is secure. Everything on your android smart devices is important take care of it.